Born 1947 in Bern, Switzerland. Active in the pearl wholesale industry since 1968, his grasp of intricacies of the global pearl industry and his position as a veteran wholesale trader has gained him international respect and recognition as an expert pioneer in the field of cultured South Sea pearls.

His innovative creations have been highly regarded by many markets across the world.

1991: Decorated by the Burmese Government

1997: Decorated "Chevalier dans L'Ordre de Tahiti Nui" by French Polynesian President Gaston Flosse.

2009: Awarded the Gemmological Excellence Award by the Swiss Gemmological Society

I have been blessed with the opportunity to interact with a countless number of pearls throughout my career of 40 years, at times handling over 200,000 South Sea pearls in a single year. 

However, it is the unique experience and invaluable insight that I have accumulated from each and every encounter of these pearls that has inspired me to realize my lifetime dream and closest passion of sharing my perspective of these beautiful gems.

A brilliant pearl itself is an expression and embodiment of true beauty. The elegant drop, the mesmerizing button, the artistic baroque, the refined round… The aura projected by these exceptional pearls is truly remarkable and one of a kind.

At ANDY MÜLLER we believe in brining out the best, the unique beauty of these exquisite pearls through our simple yet elegant jewellery design. We select and work with only the most charming pearls of top quality, to deliver you timeless pieces with sophistication that compliment your individuality.